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Whether you are looking for a light resurfacing laser to give your skin a "boost before a special occasion or a deeper treatment to address fine lines, pigmentation and moderate to severe sundamage, LaseMD GLO is the perfect, easy addition to your skin care routine. Best of all the treatment provides a long term solution that can help prevent future sun damage since LaseMD GLO is FDA approved to treat actinic keratosis (AK), a pre-cancerous skin growth. LaseMD is often combined with BBL for optimal results ($1000). 

What to expect during your treatment:

  • Depending on your treatment goals, your provider may apply numbing ointment prior to your session. 

  • You will feel some heat and tingling as the laser is passed over the skin for multiple passes. 

  • You will have a cooling mask applied directly after the treatment.  

What to expect after your treatment:

  • Your skin will feel like you have a sunburn for a day and will be pink for 1-3 days.

  • Your may wear makeup after 24 hours. 

  • You will experience tiny dark, rough dots on your skin like coffee grounds. This is the lasered skin that will fall off revealing fresh skin underneath. This lasts about a week.


How many treatments are needed?

You will experience results after only one treatment but usually 3 sessions will give you optimal results. 

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