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Cellulite isn't your fault.

It's just a natural part of women's biology. Most women will have cellulite in their lifetime–about 9 out of 10 women, in fact.

That means your tough workouts and healthy eating habits are fantastic for your fitness and overall wellness—but won't do much to reduce your cellulite.

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for mild to moderate cellulite
for severe cellulite

Cellulite isn't fat.


It isn't caused by what, or how much, you eat.


Or because you aren't exercising enough.


There are 3 things that together cause those signature dimples:

  1. Over time, the skin thins. 

  2. Fat cells enlarge and push against the skin.

  3. The fibrous bands under the skin thicken and cause tension and the signature dimpling on your butt.


With QWO, women and their aesthetic specialists can choose the first and only FDA-approved injectable available that treats cellulite in the butts of adult women.

QWO works in three ways by:

    1. Releasing fibrous bands.

    2. Redistributing fat cells.

    3. Stimulating the growth of new collagen. 


Treatments are 3 sessions every 21 days. Bruising is to be expected but resolves by 21 days and lessens with each treatment. At each session the injections take as little as 10 minutes with minimal discomfort!