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Visage MedSpa in the greater Cleveland, Ohio, area, offers the latest advancements in chemical peels to revive your skin and restore its youthful beauty. Karen Michelson, CNP, uses the Vi Peel® system and PCA SKIN® products to remove dead skin cells that are dulling your complexion and to revitalize its health. To find out if you’re a candidate for chemical peels, contact Visage MedSpa in Willoughby, Ohio, today by calling the office or by requesting an appointment online today.

Chemical Peels Q & A

What is a chemical peel?

A chemical peel is a beneficial treatment for removing dead, damaged skin cells to rejuvenate your skin and enhance your overall facial appearance.

Experienced aesthetic specialist, Karen, of Visage MedSpa, uses the Vi Peel®system and PCA SKIN® peels as an anti-aging treatment. She may recommend the PCA SKIN® or Vi Peel® if you want to:

  • Minimize scars
  • Soften lines and wrinkles
  • Minimize pores
  • Improve overall skin tone
  • Enhance healthy skin texture
  • Treat sun damage and hyperpigmentation

To determine if you’re a good candidate for a PCA® peels or a Vi Peel®, Karen performs a thorough skin evaluation and reviews your medical history. She also discusses your cosmetic goals to ensure a chemical peel is the right treatment option for you.

How do chemical peels work?

A chemical peel using PCA SKIN® peels or the Vi Peel® system involves the application of specialized chemicals that gently remove the surface layer of your skin. 

The peeling of your skin also triggers your body to increase its production of collagen and further boost the results of your treatment.

As the surface layers of skin peel away, scars, pores, sun damage, and hyperpigmentation become less visible.

What can I expect after a chemical peel?

After your chemical peel is complete, it’s normal to experience increased sensitivity in your skin. You may notice some redness in the treatment area, and your skin will continue to flake and peel in the days after your treatment. It can take 4-5 days for skin peeling to finish before you can notice the results of your chemical peel.

In general, you can expect to go back to your usual activities immediately after your chemical peel. However, it’s important that you continue to moisturize your skin following Karen’s recommendations and use a high-quality sunblock whenever you expose your skin to the sun.

To find out if a chemical peel with a Vi Peel® or PCA SKIN® peel is right for you, schedule a skin evaluation at Visage MedSpa online today or by requesting an appointment by phone.

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